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North Central High


Thy name we hold so dear,

Leading us onward

Guiding through the years.

Through our trials and our pleasures

Gain we strength and unity.

Proudly we stand with honor and dignity.

North Central High

We pledge our love to thee.

The Alma Mater expresses respect for all that this school has to offer to help its students grow in four areas: academics, athletics, industry, and religion. The students, themselves bring their personal beliefs with them each day and learn to respect each other’s beliefs that may be different from their own. The ultimate goal of the school is to help students prepare for a career where they can work constructively with others in a harmonious way and be prepared to go to the top in their chosen life's work.  North Central offers many athletic teams to help students excel in sports and learn lessons about winning and losing along the way. Of course of utmost importance is the academic portion of the school's philosophy. Students are here to learn as much as they can and prepare themselves for college and for life. When students sing the Alma Mater and raise their right hand to salute the school, their four slightly spaced fingers stand for the four areas pictured on the school crest: academics, athletics, religion, and industry.

We urge you to learn your Alma Mater, understand what the words mean and take the responsibility of adding to the dignity of the school's legacy by accomplishing all that you can while here at North Central...